Here are some ideas for text-based games that I'm coding in Twine, an open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories. None of these games are available to play yet, but I'll post links when they're complete (or satisfactorily abandoned).

  • ǝlqıʇɐdɯoƆ spɹɐʍʞɔɐᙠ: You sit in the darkness of your high-rise studio apartment, the bright lights of the city filtering in through tinted windows. You have a mid-tier personality module installed in your neurocore. Your family saved up for it since you were born and spent everything they had to buy it for you on your 25th birthday. It was supposed to help you achieve what your parents never could, what your younger siblings could only dream of. But as you sit on your single bed, your face and shoulders bathed in the blue glow of the Big City, it's suddenly become clear to you that everything they had will never be enough.

    This one's going to be more serious and maybe a little dark. I haven't really worked too much on it yet, but I'd like to play with the ideas of desirable/undesirable personalities, neurodivergence, extreme capitalism, AI possession, and cyborgs. Gotta love cyborgs.

  • ͏a rιng ιn тнe ѕĸy: The desert surface had been washed of its disturbances, ready to receive the first of many footprints on renewed land. You look back the way you came and see nothing but dune upon dune of ruddy orange sand, scattered with chunks of broken rock. The landscape continues uninterrupted all the way out to the horizon. You glimpse an outline of a familiar shape looming over there. Its circular body is bifurcated by a thick ring running nearly perpendicular to the ground. Right. You've crashed on the surface of Titan, the largest moon of Saturn, and your home for the past five years.

    This story is arguably the most complete, but I've pretty much abandoned it at this point. It's the first Twine game I ever worked on, so I think its purpose evolved into introducing me to the platform and helping me learn the Harlowe programming language. The story follows an ex-convict ethane-gas collector who has a death-defying encounter with subterranean aliens on Titan. Gotta love aliens.