• "What Are You?": A webcomic commission for the second episode of Inappropriate Questions, a newly launched podcast that breaks down invasive questions one episode at a time. The comic explains what it's like for a mixed-race person to be asked "What are you?" by a total stranger. ROLES: Writer, artist.

  • ALLOY: Electrum - "Red Pepper Dragonfly": "Red Pepper Dragonfly" follows two mixed-race sisters as they search for a sense of identity in their connections to Korean culture and family, from eating homemade kimchi as children to meeting relatives in South Korea as young adults. This short comic will be published in ALLOY: Electrum, the first comics anthology created by artists and writers of self-identified mixed-race background. The Alloy Anthology is a project by Ascend Comics, co-edited by Der-shing Helmer (The Meek, Mare Internum) and Kiku Hughes (The Sublimes). ROLES: Writer, letterer, team correspondence.

  • Mixed Messages: A weekly comic strip on my experiences as a mixed-race person, running from January to May 2016. ROLES: Writer, artist.

  • PANOPTIC: A cyberpunk webcomic in development by Lara Kim. ROLES: Writer (teaser script), social media, web/print production, early R&D.