mixed messages: "return of cousin eunji"

Mixed Messages #7:
Mixed Messages #7: "Return of Cousin Eunji"
There's nothing weird about 'same-sex' family members, or even friends, going to a bathhouse together and seeing each other naked. Also, Eunji's curiosity of us was understandable. What made me uncomfortable was that I just couldn't shake the feeling that she specifically wanted to see what kind of body a mixed race person would have. It was weird, okay?

And with that concludes the Cousin Eunji Trilogy (1, 2, 3). It's been over five years since the summer we met and I wonder if she remembers it at all. In spite of our more awkward interactions, I find myself missing her at times. Hope you're doing okay, Eunji.

English translations for the Korean dialogue (also written in the margins):

Panel 1:
"언니!" = Literally "older sister", a respectful term of endearment used by girls/women toward older girls/women.

Panel 2:
"언니...?" = "Older sister...?"
"제가 짧은 머리를 좋아하거든요" = "Because I like short hair."

Panel 3:
"찜질방" = Large gender-segregated public bathhouses in Korea.
"은지야!" = "Eunji!"
"세라하고 라라도 찜질방에 같이 갈래?" = "Would you like to go with Sara and Lara to the bathhouse?"
"응!" = "Yeah!"