I've been thinking about what to do with this website. I recently had the opportunity to attend XOXO Fest in Portland, OR and was inspired by so many speakers and creators there! There was something that XOXO's keynote speaker Cameron Esposito said that particularly stands out in my mind. Cameron encouraged everyone to post more of their garbage—and, well, I have a lot of that.

I think the tendency with these kinds of websites is to have it be a portfolio in which your best work is showcased, but that isn't very useful to me. So, I'm turning this website into an all-purpose repository of the things I make, including (and especially) my terrible dumpster writing. I'd like to put more of my work out there so I can learn and grow.

That being said, here are some goals I'm working toward:
1. Build consistency into my writing/creating habits.
2. Remind myself that it's not that serious and to have fun.
3. Share more of my minimally edited/unfinished work.

Hope this experiment works!