mixed messages: "cousin eunji strikes back"

Mixed Messages #6:
Mixed Messages #6: "Cousin Eunji Strikes Back"
I won't get into too much linguistic detail, but speaking Korean can be pretty tricky. There are several levels of honorific speech in Korean, and their usages depend on a whole slew of situational factors like your relationship and relative age to the person you're speaking with. In order to avoid making as many mistakes as possible, I spoke politely with everyone. However, speaking with my younger cousin Eunji taught me that being super polite can sometimes make others feel super uncomfortable.

English translations for the Korean dialogue (also written in the margins):

Panel 1:
"이게 뭐예요?" = "What is this?"
"언니의 사진입니다." = "It's a photo of you."

Panel 2:
"언니, 왜 머리잘랐어요?" = "Why did you cut your hair?"
"제가 짧은 머리를 좋아하거든요" = "Because I like short hair."

Panel 3:
"감사합니다." = "Thank you."

Panel 6:
"고마워." = "Thanks."
"예!" = "Sure!"