mixed messages: "cousin eunji"

Mixed Messages #5:
Mixed Messages #5: "Cousin Eunji"
I got some flack about my short hair when my sister and I visited some of our Korean family members for the first time. This was the funniest incident I remember. Only because of how embarrassing that pageant photo is. Thanks, cousin Eunji.

English translations for the Korean dialogue (also written in the margins):

Panel 2:
"언니 어떻게 잘라 드릴까요?" = "How would you like your hair cut?"
"다듬기만 하세요." = "Just a trim, please."
"네!" = "Okay!"

Panel 3:
"이게 뭐예요?" = "What is this?"
"언니의 사진입니다." = "It's a photo of you."

Panel 6:
"언니, 왜 머리잘랐어요?" = "Why did you cut your hair?"