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I have some really exciting news to share!

The first major update is that the Kickstarter campaign for ALLOY: Electrum was successful! By the end, 1,200 people had pledged $41,686, not only making the project a reality but also helping Der-shing add some special finishing touches to the physical book! Digital rewards, including a PDF copy of the comic, are available to backers now, but the physical book won't be available until April 2019 (or thereabouts).

"Red Pepper Dragonfly," the piece that my sibling and I collaborated on, is our first published work as comics creators. I couldn't have asked for a more fitting project, a better partner-in-comics-crime, or a more inspiring team of mixed-race artists to be a part of this journey with. :)

In other news, I recently finished a webcomic commission for Inappropriate Questions, an up-and-coming podcast that will break down invasive questions one episode at a time. The second episode is titled "What Are You?" and explores the implications behind asking mixed-race people this question. I had so much fun working with this team. It's definitely a highlight of my year, and I'm super excited for the episode to launch!

Inappropriate Questions is currently looking for more webcomic artists to commission a piece for their subsequent episodes; more info here.

I've truly loved working on both of these projects. Younger me would be so proud, haha. Wishing everyone great success! xoxo