mixed messages: "a little asian"

Mixed Messages #12:
Mixed Messages #12: "A Little Asian"
I studied Chinese in Taiwan for a year during college and heard this phrase quite a few times. Although my gut reaction was very much like the last panel, I later realized that these two situations are not the same, all because of context. If a non-Asian person comments on my perceived race, it feels othering at best and fetishizing at worst. But when an Asian person does it, it feels like I'm being drawn closer, like they're trying to connect our dots with a common line.

In any case, it does get old.

Chinese translations below:

Panel Four:
"妳是從哪裡來的?" = "Where are you from?"
"美國。" = "The United States."
"哦?" = "Oh?"

Panel Five:
"妳的臉有點東方的感覺!" = "You look a little Asian!" (literally: "Your face has a bit of an Asian feeling!")